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While finding new flavors and dishes, you just need to taste the best. At the Indian Oven Tandoori Restaurant, you'll discover top quality nourishment and a serving group that knows how you should be dealt with. You'll feel like you've been catered to a rich eatery in Northern India. That is the manner by which authenticate our cooking is! Go along with us today for breakfast, lunch or supper we can hardly wait to serve you.

Authentic Indian Food


Alongside our clay oven, quite a bit of what goes into our dishes includes the specialty of cooking curried nourishment. Cooking curries well take involvement and extreme arrangement and is a craftsmanship in itself. Our curry sauce is set up with onions, ginger, garlic, crisp and dry flavors. We just utilize fresh meat cuts or vegetables when adding to the sauce. Our dishes can be served at a scope of spice level from mild, medium, hot or additional hot. Combine our curries with one of our delectable crisp heated pieces of bread and you'll never be happy with simply eating rice again.

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